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Date: January 5, 2011



Woburn – Just before the New Year arrived, members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors presented over a quarter of a million dollars in grant funding to five organizations in the greater Woburn area. The annual grant program is part of Winning Home’s ongoing commitment to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families as is defined by their mission.


Winning Home, Inc. selected eight local area organizations as part of their 2010 Grant Awards Program. The eight charities, who will share $260,000, all have a common goal; helping the lives of children who are economically, socially, physically, emotionally or mentally handicapped or disadvantaged and their families; the mission of Winning Home, Inc. Since 1998, Winning Home, Inc. has awarded over $2 million in grant awards.


At the end of December, President of Winning Home’s Board, Thomas Martin visited the grant recipients and acknowledged each group’s hard work and dedication. “Each charity that was chosen this year has a deep commitment to not only help, but to change the lives of those who are less fortunate in our communities. From the wonderful people at Raw Art Works in Lynn, to the numerous volunteers at Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence, each person has an open heart and an unending dedication to their work. They all are special people, and I am thankful to have met them this year.”


In 2010, Winning Home continued its mission by approving grant awards of:

    $5,000 to RAW Art Works of Lynn (www.rawart.org)

    $5,000 to EMARC (www.theemarc.org)

    $10,000 to VNA Hospice Care of Woburn (www.hospicecarema.org)

    $10,000 to Citizens for Adequate Housing, Inc. of Peabody (www.cahns.org)

    $10,000 to Mission of Deeds of Reading (www.missionofdeeds.org)

    $40,000 to Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence (www.lazarushouse.org)

    $90,000 to The Woburn Council of Social Concern (www.socialconcern.org)

    $90,000 to Boys & Girls Club of Woburn (www.bgcwoburn.org)


For information about the Winning Home Grant Recipients, please visit their respective websites listed above.


Mr. Albert “Chip” Curran, Jr., Treasurer of the Winning Home Board of Directors joined Mr. Martin in distributing the grant awards, “All children need and deserve the best chance at life they can get, as well as the highest quality of services they can receive to help them improve their life and well-being. I am confident that the organizations we chose this year all work towards that goal, of assisting society’s most vulnerable children and their families.”


As listed above, The Woburn Council of Social Concern is one of the largest Grant Recipients in 2010. During the Winning Home, Inc. visit to their facility, Dean Solomon, Executive Director stated, “In the past 2 years, the demand for assistance from our Food Panty rose 45 percent. This grant will help us to continue to offer important services to the community.”


Mr. Curran commented, “We are pleased to continue to directly support the families of Woburn. The assistance the Council of Social Concern gives to local families in need is remarkable.”


Winning Home is a non-profit charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For more information about Winning Home, Inc., visit their website at www.winninghome.org.