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Date: January 27, 2010


Winning Home, Inc. awards $260,000 in grant monies to area organizations.

Woburn – Just before the New Year arrived, members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors presented over a quarter of a million dollars in grant funding to five organizations in the greater Woburn area. The annual grant program is part of Winning Home’s ongoing commitment to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families as is defined by their mission.


Chip Curran, Treasurer of the Winning Home Board of Directors’ briefly outlined the non-profit’s decision making process in awarding the grants this year. “In 2009, the Fund (Winning Home, Inc.’s investment fund) generated a gain of approximately $740,000. Because of that wonderful yield, we were proud to be able to double our total gifts in 2009 (from $130,000 in 2008). We chose to leave the remaining gain in the Fund to reinvest and help it (the Fund) recover from the losses of 2008.


VNA Hospice Care (VNAHC), formerly Hospice Care, Inc., received $10,000 in grant funding from Winning Home, Inc.


VNA Hospice Care is a 30 year old, non-profit organization that provides care, comfort and holistic support to patients and families facing the challenges of life-limiting illness and loss. Located in Woburn and serving 70 communities in and around Boston, VNAHC accepts all patients regardless of cost or acuity. The agency, while primarily funded through the hospice benefit in Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances, has struggled to meet an unprecedented demand for free care in 2009.


“We are so grateful for Winning Home, Inc.’s grant award particularly during this difficult economic time, as it will enable us to continue to provide grief support to so many children and teens that are struggling with the loss of a loved one” said Dave Quemere, Social Service Manager, VNA Hospice Care. VNAHC’s “Discovery” program provides individual and small group counseling and also provides educators with tools and workshops on how to identify and support grieving children and teens in the school environment.


The Missions of Deeds, located in Reading, received $15,000 from Winning Home this year. This organization has provided assistance to more than 6,000 families living in Middlesex and Essex counties since its inception in 1993. The Winning Home grant will be used to purchase new bed sets, mattress, box spring, and frames for distribution to those in need of assistance.


“The number of clients we served increased 20% from 2008 to 2009, and the growing need continues. Helping people in need is our one and only mission,” says Bruce Murison, Executive Director. “We are here to provide people with a chance at a better life, to give them hope, and show that someone cares about them. The Winning Home grant award will help us to do just that.”


Lazarus House Ministries, located in Lawrence, received $40,000 from Winning Home.


Bridget Shaheen, Executive Director stated, “Absolutely, without this grant, we would not be able to continue to address the growing numbers of people who are coming to us in need, particularly in need of food. Our food distribution has gone from 3.5 tons a week in 2008 to 8 tons a week in 2009. That additional burden could in no way be met if we didn’t receive incredibly generous funding, as we did from Winning Home.


The Woburn Council of Social Concern received $95,000 in funding from Winning Home.


Dean Solomon, Executive Director or the Council of Social Concern stated, "We cannot thank Winning Home enough for the substantial assistance that they are providing us this year. As the recession continues, the demand for our services continues to rise. For example, between July 2008 and October 2009 the demand for assistance from our Food Pantry rose from 220 households to 320 households per month, a 45 percent increase. The grant made by Winning Home will help us to continue to offer important services to the community. These services include subsidized early education and care for low to moderate income working families and families in crisis. They also include emergency, as well as supplemental food assistance for those who are unemployed or are having difficulty making ends meet. Additionally, we provide parenting education for families with children that will help them effectively deal with family challenges."


Mr. Thomas Martin, President of the Winning Home Board said, “The focus of our grant funding this year was trying to help more of immediate family concerns in our area. For example, The Woburn Council of Social Concern requested $80,000, but the Winning Home Board chose to award them $95,000 this year. Their food bank demand is extremely high at this time. We wanted to try to alleviate that demand and assist that immediate need.”


The Woburn Boys & Girls Club was awarded $100,000 to further fund their programs. For over 40 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Woburn has been providing quality programs to children and youth aged 6-18 in neighborhoods where the needs are the greatest. The Woburn Clubhouse serves more than 2,600 youth members, five days a week, 12 months a year from Woburn and surrounding communities.


Rick Metters, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Woburn remarked about this year’s grant award, “We are humbled by Winning Home’s loyalty and generosity. Their support will allow our Boys & Girls Club to deepen the impact that we make on over 2,600 kids and teen annually. We will be able to offer programs and activities that improve our Clubs member’s academic success, build their character and help them lead a responsible, healthy lifestyle. I can’t imagine what we would do without them.”


Winning Home is a private, non-profit charitable organization that provides “services and support to children who are economically, socially, physically, emotionally or mentally handicapped or disadvantaged and their families”. Since 1998, Winning Home, Inc. has issued over $1 Million to local organizations. Winning Home is governed by a Board of Directors under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For more information about Winning Home, Inc., visit www.winninghome.org.



VNA Hospice Care Photograph:

Members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors present a $10,000 check to VNA Hospice Care; Larry Byron, Board Member, Winning Home, Inc. (WH Inc.), Thomas Martin, President, WH Inc., Diane Bergeron, Executive Director of VNAHC, Dave Quemere, Social Services Manager, VNAHC, Albert "Chip" Curran, Jr., Treasurer, WH, Inc., Donald Foley, Vice President, WH, Inc.


Mission of Deeds Photograph:

Members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors present a $15,000 check to the Mission of Deeds, Inc. (from left), Bruce Murison, Executive Director, Mission of Deeds, Donald Foley, Vice President, WH, Inc., Larry Byron, Board Member, WH, Inc., Thomas Martin, President, WH, Inc., Anthony J. Triglione, Founder and President Emeritus, Mission of Deeds, Patricia Fenton, Director of Grants, Mission of Deeds, Albert "Chip" Curran, Jr., Treasurer, WH, Inc.


Lazarus House Ministries Photograph:

Members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors present a $40,000 check to Lazarus House Ministries (from left), Thomas Martin, President, WH, Inc., H. Bridget Shaheen, Executive Director, Lazarus House Ministries, Albert "Chip" Curran, Jr., Treasurer, WH, Inc.


Woburn Council of Social Concern Photograph:

Members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors present a $95,000 check to the Woburn Council of Social Concern (from left) Thomas Martin, President of WH, Inc., Dean Solomon Executive Director of Woburn Council of Social Concern, Albert (Chip) Curran, Jr., Treasurer, WH, Inc., Donald Foley, Vice President, WH, Inc., Larry Byron, Board Member, WH, Inc.


Woburn Boys & Girls Club of Photograph:

Members of the Winning Home, Inc. Board of Directors present an $100,000 check to the Woburn Boys & Girls Club (from left) Michael Donaghey, B&G Club board member, Larry Byron, Board Member, WH, Inc., Donald Foley, Vice President, WH, Inc., Shaun Briere, B&G Club board member, Rick Metters B&G Club, Executive Director, Christina Tomkiv, B&G Club member, Tom Martin, President, WH, Inc., Dominic Mondi, B&G Club member, Albert (Chip) Curran, Jr., Treasurer, WH, Inc, George Schindler B&G Club board member, Peter Carbone B&G Club board member.